How to Use a Smoker at

How to Use a Smoker

A smoker is the perfect idea for anybody who loves jerky and knows how to use a smoker . There are a number of different sizes and brands of smokers, but they are basically the same. Some have a few more fancy additions, but if you are just trying to smoke meat, you really will not need them. Some of the popular brands are Brinkmann, Weber, Cabelas, or Bradleys.

How to Use a Smoker
How to Use a Smoker

Learning how to get the perfect recipe and quality of smoked meat is an art. It will probably take several, possibly twenty times before a person can figure it out and become a smoker grill master . There are a number of different factors that can enhance or destroy a good quality smoked meat.

To use the smoker, especially smoker grill combo, you will need wood chips to burn. Wood chips are available in a variety of scents or flavors. The wood chips add flavor to the meat you are smoking. Experiment a little and come up with the perfect recipe.

The seasoning of the meat, is the absolute most important thing when smoking meat. You can have the fanciest, most expensive smoker on the market, and not get good jerky if you do not have the right amount of seasoning. This is where the most experimenting will come into play. There are a number of different seasonings flavors you can try, or if you are brave enough, create your own.

How to use a smoker in 12 simple steps?

Old-school BBQ is smoking. In order to create that heavenly smoky flavour, the key technique is cooking the meat at low temperatures, over live coals, with hardwood added. Whether or not you possess a dedicated smoker, it’s a method that anybody can become proficient at.

Have you ever learned of grills, barbecues, or smoker and in wonder concerning how to get the best nourishment results from a smoker?

Say no more, because we’re here to share with you these easy-to-follow instructions so you can take full advantage of a smoker.

If grill master technique is of your interest, then go deep with us in this article.

1. Make your smoker choice from the lot by powering kind

By “the lot”, we want to mention about the four main kinds of smokers that are currently available on the market. Controllers of the smokers are one of the four principle structures: charcoal, propane, electricity, and offsetting.

Users’ decision of fueling and flavouring expectations are the key factors to choose one of the options mentioned.

Stated in our article on the best smoker available are some extraordinary types that can be helpful for your buying if you are yet to get one.

Moreover, other articles of ours on the best way to utilize every one of the different kinds of smokers show you mind-blowing tricks and techniques for getting the best results from your cook in relation to the type of smoker you’re using.

2. Prepare your food first before anything else

You need to get your meat, vegetables, etc. all prepared before firing up and preheating your food.

Make sure that your food is cleaned and marinated with fresh spices. Also, remember to remove unnecessary fats if needed.

You want to ensure that the food is given enough time to absorb as much spices as possible (30 minutes is minimum).

3. Preheat your smoker in readiness for the food

Once the food is tucked in the fridge for all the spices to soak in, you want to start powering up your smoker as well as preheating before introducing the food.

Power up your smoker and get it warmed up to a temperature range of 250 oF to 350 oF.

Keep in mind that the temperature must be dropped to between 225 oF to 250 oF before introducing the food into the smoker. By doing this, the food will be cooked in a fairly heated condition.

The purposes of preheating the smoker is to sterilize it of any germs as well as setting up a warm environment to get the nourishment to start cooking once it is put in it.

4. Start the smoky flavor creation process

Without further adieu ado, the key to delicious grilled food is adding smoky flavours to your barbecue while cooking.

Thus, the majority of smokers make provision for flavoured wood chips to be added to the process of cooking.

Before using, select the flavoured wood chip as your liking and soak it for 30 minutes minimum in preparation.

After 30 minutes of soaking, drain the water off the wood chips and fill it in the wood-chip loader which was built in your smoker.  Fill the loader with as much wood chips that it can require each time.

5. Create moisture for your cook

In order to get the best out of your nourishment, moisture is of great importance. Therefore, this ought to be the following step before the food is introduced.

A water pan is usually come along with the smoker grill combo, placed at the bottom of the smoker underneath the barbecue grates. The function of this pan is to be filled with spices, herbs, and water which will, later on, be evaporated upwards to the nourishment during the process of cooking. This helps producing moisture while cooking.

In case you don’t already have the attached pan, you can always utilize an aluminum pan to serve this need.

Load up the pan with water and some herbs of your choice, then put it underneath the grill grates positioned to be right under the food.

6. Close the lid of the smoker to continue preheating

When the water pan and wood chips are positioned well, don’t rush introducing the food yet.

Bear in mind that the target is getting the smoker to be in good heat before the food comes in. Therefore, close the door and secure it with its hooking lock to keep as much heat as possible.

Leave the smoker to keep preheating up to the necessary temperature. You can utilize the come-along coherent thermometer arranged on the smoker to assist you with deciding the right temperature.

7. Time for the food

When the smoker has preheated to the ideal temperature, your food is ready to be cooked.

At this point your nourishment will not only have marinated well but also be in good shape to be introduced to some heat.

With the help of a ladle, open the door of the smoker. Then put the food on the grill grates right over the water pan.

Place the food in a way that enables it to have the best heat access as you will want.

8. Baste your food to prevent it from drying out

Moisten your nourishment with some liquid spices. This can be a mixture of blended peppers, onions, ginger or any flavour mix of your liking.

Use a clean basting brush to baste the spices of the nourishment, meat particularly, in adequate amounts.

This is to prevent the food from drying out while cooking as an addition to the moisture being made in the smoker from the water pan. In the process of cooking, basting additionally adds some flavouring to the food.

From there on, close the lid of the smoker remembering that you won’t be opening the smoker for about the following hour or two. Dimish the temperature to between 225 oF and 250 oF and start cooking.

9. Add some more wood chips

Halfway through the process of cooking, you might need to refill the wood chip loader with some new ones as the previous load may have run out.

This is to guarantee that the smoky flavors that is being given to the nourishment is still in full power for super seasoned food sources.

You might soak the wood chips in water early or utilize unsoaked wood chips. The outcomes are of no much contrast.

10. Keep your eye on the thermometer

The thermometer is the main unit during the cook thatg will tell you the measure of doneness of the nourishment. Therefore, you need to guarantee that your thermometer is of exact read.

Always, check the warmth levels of the nourishment with the thermometer and in case you happen to have an excessive amount of heat or smoke circling in the smoker, utilize the caveats arranged at the top as well as sides of the smoker to let out smoke and heat.

While smoking, make the thermometer your partner and you will make certain to get the best doneness on your nourishment.

11. Add some finishing sauce to the food as preferred

About this time, the nourishment ought to be around 15 to 10 minutes up to doneness. This is a perfect time to apply some finishing sauce to the nourishment to improve the taste.

You may utilize hot sauces or to go simple, utilize a typical BBQ sauce, and you will be stunned at the flavors and taste that will be brought.

However, this step can be skipped if either you are not enthusiastic about much enhancing or the recipe doesn’t require. If so move to the subsequent stage.

12. The food is ready

Once the timer is done, utilize a heat-proof ladle and cautiously remove the nourishment onto a serving tray.

Before you really start serving, let the nourishment sit for 5 to 10 minutes. This enables it to cook further making the flavors settle in pleasantly for an incredible bite. It also prevent you from getting mouth burn as the food have a chance to cool down a bit.

Share your nourishment with your loved ones, and prepared to be cheered for an extraordinary cook.


A run of the mill low cost smoker or smoker grill combo usually starts at around $100.00, and depending on size and brand, could go up to as much as $1000.00. If you are new to smoking meat, it is probably a good idea to read more on our Sei blog and start with a cheaper model.

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