how to clean a gas grill with vinegar

How to Clean a Gas Grill with Vinegar and Soapy Water

For an effective quality, a frequent cleaning process is necessary for a gas grill appliance. As we all known, the longer you use gas grill, the thicker the grease level is, which could lead to the awful taste in your food, not mentioned to the safety issue…

All of these unease problem; however, could be avoid if your grill is cleaned regularly. But, how could this process be done?

Well, in the case that you are among the crow who really do not How to Clean a Gas Grill with Vinegar and Soapy Water in a right way….

…..stay with me today as I am about to let you know the reason for grill cleaning as well as needed material and the best way to keep your grill’s 4 major areas clean…

Why It’s A Smart Idea To Clean Your Grill…

As mentioned above, the grill cleaning process would help you to enhance the taste of your food. However, beside that benefit, this idea is highly appreciate for these reasons mentioned below:

  • It is the main reason that keeps carcinogens not to spread over your food.
  • Bacteria would not be able to growth in this condition.
  • The corrosion would never have a chance to come up with your grill.
  • It helps prolong your grill working life.
how to clean a gas grill with vinegar
how to clean a gas grill with vinegar

What You’re Going To Need…

Before starting the grill cleaning process, it is a great idea to prepare those items as mentioned below:

  • Paper Towels
  • A Clean Washcloth
  • A Brush for cleaning your grill
  • A Large Bucket Or Tub of Soapy Water
  • A Spray Bottle of Vinegar and Water in the proportion of 50% – 50% respectively And A Bucket

Safety First!

First thing first, remember to cut off the gas as well as disconnect the propane tank before starting any cleaning process. It could be environment danger as well as severe injures possibility if you leave the machine on while cleaning. For your safety, remember to ensure that the gadget is safe to operate before starting anything else!

1. How to Clean a Gas Grill With Vinegar

First of all, what you have to do is removing all the grates, just simply pulling off the grill.

The grates are most likely not to be filthy if being used properly while being grilled up the whole summer.

But you should not worry if it is your case! Just spray the grates down with the well mixed vinegar and water spray.

After wetting the dirty part, let the brush do what it has to. Just scrub at any grease or cooked food which still stuck on the grill….

On second step, let’s give the grill grates a bath! Drop it down to a hot soapy water tub or large bucket and leave it there for 15 to 30 minutes.

After that period of time, take them out and scrub down again with the brush until everything the process could be ended by a wet washcloth to wipe down all of left dirt. The paper towels would take it chance to dry up the part.

2. Cleaning Your Burner Covers And Burner Tubes…

The burner covers cleaning process is mostly the exactly the same way for grill grates cleaning.

Spraying down the dirty with the mixture of vinegar and water seems to be a good start. And a good scrubbing with the brush after that would be a great assist.

When you finish with the first step, drop the needed to clean appliance to the hot soapy water bucket and soak it within 15 to 30 minutes.

After done with soaking, continue scrubbing with the brush, then wipe down all the dirt and dry it with paper towels…

At the time, the cleaning process for the grill’s burner tubes should be the next step. Ti should be scrub gently with a wire brush as you would like to ensure that the grease, or food particles could be removed by scaling.

Each tube should be brushed from this side to the other to make sure no debris left to jam the burner holes.

If any holes were stuck, you could clear it carefully with a toothpick or straight pin.

Safety Note

It’s vital to ensure turning off your grill before cleaning the burner tubes!

3. How To Clean The Inside Of A Gas Grill…

During cooking times, the cook box could collect the meat and other foods excess or they could fell inside of your grill.

In the case that you did not cleaned the inside frequently, those excess grease could be the main cause for the flare-ups, which makes it hard to keep the tasty meal for your family!

Now, as you want to proceed cleaning your cook box, you have to remove the grill grates ad the burner covers first. By virtue of this step, you could reach the whole area much easier.

After removing, just take the grill brush to clean all the loose or large debris pieces left.

Right when the big stuff is wiped away, spray down the mixture of half water half vinegar to the cooked-on grease area and char, then rub it down with our brush.

Once finishing the scrubbing task, use a wet washcloth to wipe all the dirt down and dry it with the paper towel.

It is essential to have all the part dried after cleaning as it helps stop the rust from forming on the grill!

4. Cleaning The Outside Of Your Grill…

For cleaning the outside, you could just fill the bucket with the mixture of water and soap, dip down the washcloth and start cleaning!

As the material and surface problem, the grill brush or any hash cleaners might not to be a first choice for this task. Nonetheless, if the caked-on grease is not quite big, you could simply just brush them down with a sponge.

And do not miss the side table parts of your grill. A large grease area could be built up as a result of utensils and pans which was left after cooking.

Therefore, a good wipe down from a cloth and soapy water would be a good trick for stainless steel side tables

And in the case that your side tables are made of wood or plastic, juts cleanse its surface with the soapy water and leave them to dry.

In Summary, It’s A Simple Process That Pays Off…

As you all knew how to clean a gas grill with vinegar and soapy water to clean up your gas grill

Simply dipping and rubbing the grill grates…..

Drowning your burners and scrubbing them, then cleaning your burner pipes with the brush…

For the cook box of your grill, you also need to rub down all the dirt…

And the outside should not be missed out, either!

That’s it! By virtue of the cleaning process, your grill would always be in the best condition and can keep cooking the mouthwatering dishes for all of your relative, family and friends!

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Stay safe, flame on and enjoy!

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