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The Best Gas Grills Under $500 Review 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A newbie’s experience will  be totally different from those who already know about the grilling market out there, and know how to choose the best and the worst. An amateur is stuck with his $5oo bill, and is on the lookout for best gas grills under $500. So, the person’s first responsibility is to know what is exactly a gas grill.

What is a Gas Grill?

A gas grill is a type of barbecue grill, that uses natural gas or liquid propane to heat the food, instead of using the conventional charcoal. The food is cooked directly through the heat radiated by the gases, or the gas can heat up the components of the grill, which radiate enough heat to the meat and vegetables to be cooked. A gas grill can be converted from one gas source to the other, just as one can change the gas selection for automobiles. As to the question of which gas works the best for the grills, propane smoker or natural gas, that in itself is an another debate, a different story itself. The popularity of the gas grills is slowly growing up, and before one knows, they can already see a hoarded of them flooding the market.

Best Gas Grills Under $500
Best Gas Grills Under $500

Gas grills: Pros and Cons

The biggest pro about the gas grills could also be their biggest flaw. The thing which makes the gas grills also breaks it. The fact that is being discussed is the obvious use of gas to barbecue the food, instead of charcoal.


  • There are no hazards of playing with fire, and is ideal for places with children, ensuring safety.


  • Barbecue in a traditional way has used charcoal for cooking the food and giving it a traditional smoky flavor, so one would find it hard to taste the smoky flavor, which one is usually accustomed to, when coming to barbecued food.

After the information in the above paragraph, one is now ready to scan through the best gas grills under $500, available in the market and which are raved by the common folks and the experts alike.

Key Features for Looking the Best Gas Grills Under $500

 1. Longer Warranty 

A key feature to check before buying a gas grill is the warranty. While some grills only come with a one-year warranty, others include a decent warranty of up to ten years, or even a lifetime. It’s advisable to choose the longest warranty that will take care of the necessary repairs that the grill might need in its lifetime.

2. The Best Gas Grills Should Have Ample Cooking Area

Consider the size of the cooking area when choosing a gas grill. A small family of two or three people, can do with a small grilling surface. However, for large families, or those who cook regularly for a large group of people, a grill that is large enough to hold food for everybody is vital. Experts recommend at least 100 square inches per person.

It is also important to note that smaller grills are easier to steal and tend to be less stable than larger ones, so, it’s always wiser to choose one with a wider cooking surface. In case of unexpected visitors, or more family members in the future, it’ll are available in handy.

3. Quality Construction

Every grilling lover wants a grill that not only gets the job done well, but also lasts for the longest time. Quality construction is therefore a key feature that should not be overlooked when shopping. Take time and inspect the wheels, cart, lid, edges and firebox. Choose stainless-steel carts that have welded joints, as opposed to the ones that are assembled with bolts and nuts because they are stronger, and additional sturdy.

Of equal importance are the wheels. Choose a grill with wheels at all it four corners for easier movement from one place to the other. Since wheels that are bolted to the frame tend to bend sooner or later, it’s important to make sure that they have a full axle to provide safety and lasting stability.

4. Maximum Grill Temperature

Be sure to check the maximum temperature the grill can heat up to. This is because a high temperature is needed to achieve that perfect sear on the steak. Experts recommend a maximum temperature of approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Good grills also come with detailed heat dials, which shows exactly how hot a burner is. Because of this, it’s advisable to stay away from those grills whose dials can only gauge the heat as either, low, medium or high, as they tend to be extremely inaccurate.

5. Heavy-duty Grates

It is also important to examine the grates as well. Stainless steel, cast iron and porcelain-coating are all good materials for grates that hold up well when properly cared for, and helps to get a good sear on the meat. However, the best choices are stainless steel and coated cast iron grates, because of their sturdiness and rust-resistance. Porcelain-coated grates may be easy to clean and rustproof, but they are prone to chip, and cracking.

6. Sturdy Side Shelving

Side shelves are important for holding the meat in place before being grilled. They also carry condiments, spices, cheese and everything else that goes into whatever is being cooked. Be sure to check the side shelving to make sure they are strong and durable.

7. Built-in Thermostat

Grilling is all about the meat, the fuel and the temperature. That is why it is important to be able to read the grill’s internal temperature. A built-in thermostat helps to make that job easier.

8. Efficiency

Whether cheap or expensive, a grill that does not live up to its promise of producing well-cooked meals is not worth it. Best grills are efficient and are well-constructed with stainless steel throughout. The lid seals fitting tightly, and the grates and the lid can stand up to the heat. In addition, a good grill has small vents that allow controlled amounts of air into the grill for faster heating. On the other hand, cheap, flimsy ones are poorly-constructed and usually have grates and lids that feel light. Take time to make sure it’s properly created, and economical.

9. Burner Size

Another key feature is the size of the burner. Check the burner size and compare it to that of the whole grill. The general rule is to select a burner that is large enough to heat the whole grill evenly. Failure to do so might lead to uneven cooking, due to uneven distribution of heat.

10. Rotisserie Burner

Cooking occasional hot dogs and hamburgers can be done on a standard grill. However, a model with rotisserie burner is important for those who often cook large meals (whole chicken, turkey etc). Side burners come in handy for keeping side dishes warm, when the main dish is being grilled.

11. Weather Resistance

Don’t be tempted to grill in an enclosed space, such as a garage because of bad weather; the build-up of carbon monoxide can kill you when you least expect it. Instead, continue the cooking on a verandah should there be too much rain. A good grill should be able to work properly regardless of the weather. However, be ready to replace the grate after some time, because it will rust due to constant contact with moisture.

12. Infrared Burner

Gas grills with infrared burners are increasingly becoming popular because of the intense heat that they emit. High heat helps to cook foods properly, making them preferable over standard burners.

13. Grill Cover

Finally, a grill cover is important to protect the grill from external forces. Choose a durable cover that is firmly fitted to the grill, and provides enough space for free flow of air.

These are just some of the features to expect from the best gas grills. Be sure to conduct a thorough research, including reading customer reviews, before deciding to buy the model of your choice.

Top 5 Best Gas Grills Under $500 Review

How to Clean and Maintain Gas Grill

You can find more information about How to Use Gas Grills in our article category.


The best gas grills listed above are each from a specific price range. Price is one of the main criteria which one should take into consideration while buying a gas grill, as long as one is a bit tight on the budget. One should always be sure to check out the latest updates on the internet before buying a gas grill to get the best available deal out there.

Gas grills have made it easy for the people out there, to train themselves in the art of grilling to be a grill master . It is very natural that one would want to spend a relatively less amount when investing in their first gas grill. So, it in for one’s best interest to search the best gas grills under 500 and buy the one that fits their bill.

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