best gas grill under 1000

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Grilling, cooking some burgers, hot dogs, or steaks on a warm evening with your friends or families is always an interesting, natural thing in the summer. With a gas grill, you can enjoy this without spending a lot of money, because gas grills are usually far cheaper than other kinds of grill. You know, of course, expensive gas grills usually come with various perfect features. However, the best gas grill under 1000 still work greatly to help you create tasty meal. You can review more best gas grills under $500 in our blog post

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000
The Best Gas Grill Under 1000

The first thing to look at is the size of the main cooking area because it decides the number of food you can put on it when cooking. The next thing to consider is the overall dimensions of the grill. It depends on how large your backyard or patio is that will affect on how big a grill you will buy. The last thing is checking the BTUs output and whether a warming rack is included or not. These two factors will determine the type of food that you can cook on your grill.

Top 5 Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020

To help you save time spending on finding your best gas grill under 1000, we read hundreds of consumer reviews of the best gas grills under $1000, then put it into this article. Through reading these reviews, we made thorough description of every type of grill, which helps you have more information on each grill then make your own decision. If you aren’t still don’t know which one to buy, then take a look at our detailed buying guide. By doing that, you will have a complete understanding of what is important to look at before buying a grill, then making the right decision.

Weber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Before buying a grill, the first obstacle that homeowners are always facing is their backyard or patio is not big enough to put the grill on it. Therefore, many assume that only small, portable propane grill will work best in this case. Fortunately, this grill definitely meets your requirement, it has small side while having a quite large cooking surface which helps you to cook a meal for your whole families, friends, or neighbors. Besides, this grill is small in size, so you don’t have to worry about the space in case you have less space to fit it in.

The reason why this model is fit for those who have less space is its fold down arms. When you don’t use these tables, you can fold them down, which helps saving a ton of space. Besides, you can hang all of your cooking tools in case they are not in use thanks to the hooks equipped with these arms. This is such an ideal design for those who have small backyard or patio.

Beside the small design, this grill comes with only two burners, but still a very uncomplicated appliance. This leads to a quite low BTU output, which result in fuel efficient. In the same time, it is equipped with a fuel gauge, which helps you see the level of fuel so that you can decide when the grill needs to be fueled. Unfortunately, this grill comes with a big problem which is quick rust-up. If you don’t cover it carefully, it will rust up fast. So make sure that you leave it cover carefully to keep it safe.

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideThe Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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  • Long warranty
  • Warming rack
  • Energy productivity
  • Integrated fuel gauge
  • Tool hooks
  • Big main cooking area


  • Only two burners
  • Rusts up quickly if not covered

Broil King Regal S420 Pro 4 Burner Natural Gas Grill

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideThe Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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In this category, you can come across lots of different well-made grills, so ranking the best one is relatively tricky. However, with the high-end construction and signature Flav-R-Wave system, I think Broil King is deserved to be ranked up with Weber and Napoleon.

Like Napoleon Prestige, Broil King Regal offers 4 main burners, however, it doesn’t come with extra burner. That’s why I rank it #3, even though it can produce 10000 BTUs output.

Besides 500 square inches of main cooking space, which is ideal for smaller spaces, the Regal also comes with 50,000 BTUs with its main burner power. Moreover, it is integrated with 15,000 BTU rotisserie with spit rod and motor ready to go.

Almost every parts on the Broil King is made of stainless steel, including the cook box, tube burners, cooking grids, cooking system and fascia, just like other top grills. With the ideal design and great features, this Regal can last long and deserves to be over other elements.

As mentioned above, this grill comes with signature Flav-R-Wave system. This help distributing heat exceptionally even on the grill’s surface, evaporating instantly and preventing flare-ups. With this feature, you can completely enjoy great cooking experience and flavorful meats from steam that are slightly absorbed again no matter what you’re cooking.

Last but not least, this grill offers infinite temperature control electronic ignition, a front-mounted temperature gauge, and a generously sized under cabinet which is just perfect for the tank and other grilling tools storage.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

This is another grill to consider in this list. The Camp Chef comes with various rooms for cooking different types of foods.

This grill offers 501 square inches for cooking space and 103 square inches as side shelves. So the total square inches of griddle cooking space of this grill is 640 square inches.

What makes this an ideal grill is that it offers the interchangeable flat griddle on its top. Therefore, you can easily cook eggs, pancakes, hash browns, etc in the same time.

Besides, the Camp Chef has 4 individual burners which can generate 48,000 BTUs total.

In addition, it is integrated with matchless ignition knob system, the foldable side tables, grease management system with grease tray and catch bucket. Moreover, you can easily move the grill around with the roller wheels design of this grill.

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideThe Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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  • Having griddle
  • Interchangeable Flat Top Griddle
  • Large cooking space (604 sq. in.)
  • 4 Individual Burners


  • Having no grilling marks (due to flat top design)

Napoleon Rogue 365

Napoleon is a household name and family owned, therefore, it is often known as the “Weber” of Canada. The fact is that, the Rogue and the LEX series in the Napoleon lineup are imported. Only the Prestige series is North American Made (in Canada).

This grill offers 2 burners, which can generate around 28,000 BTUs output. Besides, the cooking area of this grill is of 18×20.25 inches. The price of this grill starts at $549.

Beside 2 burners type, Napoleon also offers 3 burners grills (425) and 4 burners grills (525). You can find that most of these models are under $1000. However, if you want a grill with side burners, then you can take a look at Rogue 525 which is over $1000. If you don’t need Natural Gas then the price on all the grills will increase.

Rogue offers Porcelain Coated Wave Cooking Grates, Tube Burners and Jetfire (Flame Thrower) Ignition on all of its grills. Even the heat distribution system is also made of porcelain coated sear plate. Although metal is not a good heat conductor, the cast iron grates can balance that heat retention.


With stainless steel tube burners, it provides 10 years warranty full coverage with an extra of 50% off until the 15th year.

With porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grids, it provides 5 years full coverage with an extra of 50% off until the 15th year.

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideThe Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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  • Perfect Value
  • Time of warranty up to 15 years
  • Works well without electricity or batteries
  • Family owned


  • Imported
  • Flame Thrower Ignition – in case of needing an electrode replacement, you have to change the entire valve.
  • Compared to the Prestige, you can completely tell them apart in quality.

Dyna Glo DGE Premium

Ranked #5 in this lest is Dynam Glo Premium grill model. If you’re looking for a grill which is small in size, having extra burners and features of Weber, then this grill is just perfect for you.

This amazing grill offers up to 5 stainless steel commercial grade straight-tube burners, which can produce up to 79,000 BTUs output in total. From which, 3 burners, one side burners and a rotisserie generate 11,000 BTUs, 12,000 BTUs, and 12,000 BTUs respectively. This is just so amazing and more than enough to meet anyone’s demands.

Besides, this grill offers 764 square inches of cooking space in total, and the cooking space is made of 7 mm stainless steel grates.

However, there is one problem with this model which is flare-ups if it’s getting too hot. Fortunately, you can completely prevent it if you’re careful.

In addition, this model comes with the grades, warming rack and 5 stainless steel heat tents under a double wall lid. All of which are made of commercial grade steel, therefore you don’t have to be worry about its longevity.

The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideThe Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Review 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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  • Very Powerful
  • 5+1 Burners
  • Sturdy & Long-lasting Construction
  • Assemble Easily


  • Need to be maintained regularly

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill Under 1000

After reviewing the top 5 best gas grill under 1000, now it’s the time for you to pick up the one that suits your needs. However, before purchasing, there are some important things to consider.

In order to help you choose the right one without wasting your money on features that you don’t need or use, let’s take a look at the factors down below.

Grill Type
There are 3 major types of grills out there which are 2 burner gas grill, charcoal grill and electric grill. The ones that people use most are gas and charcoal grills because they are usually bigger, more powerful than electric ones.

You know everything has two sides, therefore, each type of grill has its own advantages and disadvantages too. If you’re not into barbeque and charcoal flavor, and just need to grill your food quickly, then best gas grills are perfect for your needs. This grill type can heat up very fast and it’s very easy to clean.

However, if have a huge passion for grilling, especially barbeque and can spend more time to grill, then you can choose the charcoal grills. Because they are a low and slow bbq type of grill, you need to have grilling knowledge to make delicious food.
In return, you can enjoy grilled food with perfect charcoal flavor. However, it takes time to heat up and clean up.

Grill Size & Cooking Area
Besides grilling type, you also need to consider the grill size and cooking area of grills before purchasing. These factors depend on the number of people you are going to cook for and the space you need to grill food.
You don’t need to buy too large grill because it will take up more space and cost you more due to more gas/charcoal used.

If there are only 2-4 people you need to cook for, then a 2 burner grill is enough. However, there are a large number of people on your grilling party or you often have to organize barbeque parties, then a three or even four burner grills are better for you, though it cost a little more.

Grill Dimensions
Grill dimensions is an important factor for you to consider before making purchasing decision. Thinking about the place you’ll put your grill on, then you will know how large your grill should be.

If you have small backyard or patio, don’t buy grills with large dimension. The fact is that each grill needs an extra zone of a few feet around for the heat, and you also need space to stand when grilling. So consider these factors carefully before purchasing.

Grill Extra Features
Another factor you need to consider. Each grill model comes with its fix features, some offers extra features to make it more practical but will cost more. So if you don’t need these features, then you don’t have to spend extra money for them.

How to maintain a gas grill

If you want your grill operates to its best potential, take a look at these things down below.
• Check the leak of propane regularly
• When you don’t use your grill, leave it covered
• Clean it routinely. You will need dish soap, warm water, and a double-sided sponge to make the cleanup works best.
• Use a good scrub brush to scrub the grates.
• Routinely remove and wash burner protectors
• Clean grime accumulated at the bottom of your grill.
• Make sure all of the parts of the grill are dry completely before put back together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can any of the models be used on a boat?
    For those who want to grill on a boat, then the Magma Products, A10-1225-2GS is just perfect for you. Firstly, this model comes with small design, therefore you can move it around easily, especially in a small space. Secondly, it’s just perfect when you use it on a boat and in case it gets wet, you don’t have to worry about the rust-up. This model is made of marine stainless steel preventing the grill from rusting.
  2. What is an infrared gas grill? Gas grills, whether they use natural gas?
    No matter what types of fuel (natural gas or propane) that gas grills use, they usually work through convection. This means that under a burning flame, the air is continually heated. This makes the air rise and circulates around the food, and make food cooked. If unfortunately, it can make food dry due to too high temperatures.
    Meanwhile, infrared gas grills use gas to heat the surface, which causes infrared waves to cook food. Although in the process of grilling, there will be some air is heated, you still enjoy the natural flavor of food. These grills also help you save time because it cooks a bit faster than the others.
  3. Why do I need a side burner?
    If you want to cook extra food like beans or rice at the same time when cooking the main food, then side burners are perfect for you. Besides, you can take advantage of side burners as a place to keep already cooked warm food without taking up space in the major cooking area.


To be honest, Sei find it a little bit difficult to pick up the best gas grill under 1000 dollars that suits my needs. As a grill master who loves grilled food, a good gas grill seems to be indispensible for me, but smoky flavor food I get from Weber Charcoal Grill always makes me mouth-watering.

With the budget under $1000, you may want a gas grill with high quality and having all necessary features that you need.

Then I think the best choice for you is a Weber Grill – which will last up to 10-20 years. Once you get past dependability, you may want to consider barbeque experience and the quality of meat generated money and headache.

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